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Biographical Information

Below is a partial listing of previous
Dotoratos - Hammond concerts.




Concert Performances

* Carnegie Hall, NYC
* Lincoln Center, NYC
* Alice Tully Hall, NYC
* New York City's
     Town Hall
* Performing Arts Center,
     State Univeristy of
     New York at Purchase
* Schoenburg Hall,
     Los Angeles 
* U
* Meany Hall, Seattle
* Gardner Museum,
* The Ordway, St. Paul
* Princeton University
* Vanderbilt University
* University ofTennessee
at Knoxville
* Austin Peay State
* Asheville Chamber
    Music Series

International Concerts

*Glazunov Hall,
   St. Petersburg, Russia
* Hong Kong City Hall
* Academies 
Internacionales du
    Grand Nancy, France
* Hochschule, Germany
* Musiques en Mer,
    Belarus, Italy
* Musikdager Festival,
* Auditorio Nacional,
    Costa Rica

Radio Performances

* National Public Radio
* WQXR-Radio station of
    The New York Times
    Classical Radio
* Radio 4 Hong Kong

Representation for 
Ray Dotoratos and Gary Hammond:

ND Artists Management
New York, USA
Concert Bookings / Contact:
Jean Acheson,
Tel. (914) 723-0960 
E-Mail:  NDartsmgt@msn.com



Special Performances

* The White House,
     Washington, D.C.

* Performance for
     Lenwood Sloan,
     Director of Funding
     National Endowment
     for the Arts,
     Washington, D.C.

* Performance in
     Nassau, Bahamas
     for the Bahamian

Solo Orchestral

Performed with
     members of the
     N.Y. Philharmonic

* Performed with
     members of the
     Chicago Symphony

* The Mozart Festival
     Orchestra, NYC
     Special performance
     honoring famed
     American composer
     and music critic
     Virgil Thomson for his
     90th birthday

* The Juilliard Chamber


* Altarus
* Naxos
* Partita

Musical Background

* Alumni of
     The Juilliard School:
     Dotoratos studied with
        Galamian, Pardee.
     Hammond studied with
        Raieff, Hokanson, Stessin.